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Styles from the city, service from out this world.

No matter what hairstyle you want, we can help you!

Book an appointment online, or call us on our dedicated WhatsApp number 07310 230580 .


We start your hairdresser's visit with a consultation. Then we agree together on what to do with your hair, hairstyle, color design.

Once done that, we can then do the hair wash if hair cut or offer you refreshments if it is colour. Whether you have short or long hair, or are male or female. Many of our customers mention the hair wash as the best thing about the whole hairdresser visit! Thus, you can be assured to enjoy the minutes spent with us to the fullest.

For cuts and colours that best suit you



It's not just about the hair, it's the experience 


Gents Hair Cut & Styling.                    Ladies Hair cut & Blow dry                  
Shampoo & Blow Dry                           
Olaplex Stand Alone                            Olaplex 4-IN-1 Add-on                         
L'Oreal Rituals                             

£ 36
£ 69
£ 45
£ 30 £ 15
£ 75



£ 30
£ 80
£ 90
£ 90
£ 130
£ 169
£ 190
£ 179
£ 190 

Semi Permanent Colour Full.           
Tint - Regrowth                                  
Highlights T Section                                           Luxelights                                              
High Lights 1/2 Head                        
High Lights Full Head                        
Balayage - 1/2 Head                          

Bayalage - Full Head     

* blow dry included with all colour services

Blonde Hair Model

The ultimate hair colouring experience




While here, it is your time to be pampered!

Root Touch up, haircut & Blow dry.                   £ 130
Highlights Half Head, haircut & Blow dry         £ 200  Highlights Full Head, haircut & Blow dry          £ 235

" To be a good hairdresser today is to understand what the customer wants "


In order to be able to communicate, it is necessary to have a relationship of trust between hairdresser and customer. As our customer, you should feel confident that we have understood what you want, we will make suggestions, and together we will agree on what needs to be done. The customer's assurance that our hairdressers take your wishes into account is very important. With us, you can get the latest cut, or you can adapt the trends to your personal style. It's up to you, we have the expertise and international training of our hairdressers. These are some of the factors that ensure the high quality of our salons.

Bridal Hair



To help you achieve the look you always wanted

Day Make Up                                      £ 80 Day Make up & Blow Dry                 £ 90  Day Make Up & Up Do                     £ 120

French Manicure



It's more than just a nail appointment!

IBX Nail Treatment                             £ 15 Shellac Removal                                 £ 10 Shape & Paint                                     £ 28 Classic Manicure                                £ 35
Classic Pedicure                                 £ 45
Shellac Manicure                               £ 50
Shellac Pedicure                                £ 55

facial (1).png



''It's not just a facial, it's about achieving your skin goals!'' 

Phrofilo                                                     £ 380 - £ 720
Microneedling                                                       £ 120
Deep Hydration Facial                                         £ 60 
Bespoke Dermalogica Facials                             £ 70

Luiz Martins

Luiz Martins

Salon Director/Stylist

Btw, the Brazilian blowout has worked out amazingly! I ended up leaving in for a whole week before washing and my hair was sooo smooth. I don't even have to style my hair unless I am actually getting a bit dressed up!

I like the shape of my hair now, I will definitely come back and get another onein a couple of months or so. xxx

Felicity Welin

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