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Does yourt hair needs an intervention ?


Here is all you need to do about saving it from or handling our hair like a pair of jeans. 

The Hair Recovery Program

Between blow-drying, teasing, flat-ironing, highlighting and lowlighting— there are many ways to change what Mother Nature gave us. But whether you’re regularly straightening curls, lightening darker hair or vice/versa, there may be a price to pay for rebelling.


The hair recovery program is a routine  of hair treatments that alternates in between:




In hydration, the goal is to return the lost moisture from the hair


The nutrition phase serves to replenish lipids.  Reconstruction, on the other hand, is a step that replaces the mass in the hair fiber.

Which order of treatments will vary depending on your hair's need and level of damage.  Therefore, the schedule serves to create a personalized hair care plan.

Know the stages of the hair schedule

The capillary schedule has three stages, which are interspersed.  Get to know each of them and what to use at each stage.

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