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The Ultimate Repair Kit

The Ultimate Repair Kit

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The Perfect Pair

Lock in your #BestHairDays with The Ultimate Repair Kit! The No.0 acts as an intensive repair booster that absorbs deeply into the hair, working in tandem with our best-selling No.3 to receive your most intense repair. 

68% more repair and 3x stronger hair when both formulas are used as a two-part system. 

This Kit Includes: 
Full size (155ml / 5.2oz) No.0
Full size (100ml / 3.3oz) No.3

Please see individual product instructions below.
Nº.0: Use as a two-part system with N°.3. 
Nº.3: Use up to three times a week for damaged hair.
All hair types, especially for those with visible damage.

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