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Diva Atmos Atom Dryer

Diva Atmos Atom Dryer

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Diva Atmos Atom Dryer

The Diva Atmos Atom Dryer is a highly-efficient new generation dryer with a luxury hair conditioning system. Features include:

• 2000w

• 100,000 RPM Hair Dryer

• Lighter 

• Cost-effective

• Quiet

• Powerful

• Luxury hair conditioning system

• Unique replaceable, customisable sleeves

• Fully recycled packaging

• 100% recyclable eco-felt storage bag to safely store the dryer

• Comes with a diffuser and 2 x magnetic precision nozzles (6mm & 8mm)

The Diva Atmos Atom Dryer (2000w) is a first mass-market new generation hairdryer with 100,000 RPM. It is a highly efficient, powerful, and fully-featured dryer that is a lighter and more cost-effective alterative to the market leader. With unique, replaceable and customisable sleeves, this dryer is perfect for any hair professional

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