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Hair chemistry at
its best!

“No women should walk around with damaged hair


Olaplex strengthening 

What is Olaplex?

It is an add-on treatment that improves your hair health, increases shine and makes the most of your colour. This product enables you to go from damaged hair to healthy hair in just one treatment, as it repairs and rebuilds broken hair bonds. It is also useful to prevent damage from chemical processing on healthy hair. Add it to your colour service or have it as a stand-alone to get your hair in optimum condition. It can be used on any hair type.

Olaplex is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEOA, aldehydes and is never tested on animals.

“ Try our full repair Olaplex treatment. A fusion in between Technology meets healthy hair 

You probably have heard of Olaplex stand alone treatment, a in salon professional treatment that is the unparalleled service that repairs damaged hair and maintains strong, healthy hair. This service is designed to be executed at the shampoo bowl and is a great for compromised hair that can benefit by Stand-Alone Treatments one to two weeks prior  and after to any chemical service.

Now with the launching of Olaplex 4-in-1 this highly concentrated reparative mask adds intense moisture while providing shine & body to treat damaged hair. Professional-strength ceramides, oils, and 11 vital amino acids provide a luxurious, in-salon deep conditioning treatment, with or without a chemical service.

At @bossa_salon we treat hair as if it is always extremely damaged - Treatment  would be never too much". We have created our very own ultimate in salon restorative Olaplex service, where we basically perform the original Olaplex stand alone service No.1 + No.2 and right after that Olaplex 4-in-1 reparative mask to perfect your ultimate hair goals.

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