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"Beauty with Brazilian Soul"

At Bossa youwill feel unique and special


BOSSA is a hair salon that offers personalised hair diagnostics, focusing on healthy hair and restoring its condition. Our concept is “Beauty with Brazilian Soul,” providing a relaxing and friendly environment where clients can feel welcome and have a unique experience, as well get a premium quality end results they seek.


''Getting your hair done it is like taking a mini vacation''

Bossa Salon was created after having realised over the years that many things beauty related have the “Brazilian” seal of approval. 

From Brazilian Blow dries, to Brazilian Wax, to Brazilian Bikini,  even Brazilian Butt Lift.  Perhaps all those wonderful things that one can never have enough of if comes from the way we do such treatments, there must be something about the “Brazilian Way” that mesmerises whoever tries it.  


To express in its essence what we know about Brazilian Beauty we invite you to come and share with us everything about Beauty, music and culture heritage.


The term ''Bossa'' was born in Rio in the late 1950s as a new music to mark the dawn of a new Brazil originated from the mix of classic jazz with elements of samba,


Bossa Nova is on its truly interpretation


''something extremely charming, and done with a particular flair''.



Bossa Salon is a place to relax and have your beauty taken care of by listening to Beautiful Brazilian Jazz Melodies, you are going to feel like on a mini vacation to Brazil.


having always been an artistic soul with an eye for colours and art, very curious and creative mindset, we catered a particular way to treat our guest clients with personalised care from head to toe

from hair treatments to customer service.

'Every one is unique' - and we should be treated like individuous that we are

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"Now, from the beginning to end we want to create a welcoming ambient and a customer service that will invite you to come back over and over like if you were going to see your best friend."

Hair Salon

What people are saying?


Btw, the Brazilian blowout has worked out amazingly! I ended up leaving in for a whole week before washing and my hair was sooo smooth. I don't even have to style my hair unless I am actually getting a bit dressed up!

I like the shape of my hair now, I will definitely come back and get another onein a couple of months or so. xxx


Best salon ever! I’ve had my haircut and color with Luiz and loved it! Very professional staff, I super recommend!


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